Monday, March 20, 2017

XiaoMi Redmi Note 4 Experiential Event

On the 18th March 2017, I was lucky enough to be invited to Mi Malaysia's Redmi Note 4 Experiential Event held at Monkey Cup Cafe in Penang. Since it is an experiential event, therefore I am going to talk about my experience at the event there. The venue was large enough to accommodate all the invitees and parking spot was easy to find. 

Nice cafe feel right?? (Photo credits to Jennifer)

When I first enter the room, I was already given a Redmi Note 4 (3GB RAM + 32GB ROM) to have my hands-on with. For the price of RM 799, my initial reaction before getting the phone was "Hey, it is a budget phone, do not expect too much of it." However, this was not the case. Overall, the phone was build with premium quality with a metal back and a 2.5D curved display glass at the front. When you held it in your hands, the design somehow hold sturdy at your palm. My index finger naturally rest at the fingerprint sensor and the display immediately turns on. The display is AWESOME! For a 5.5 inch display at full HD resolution generating at 441 ppi, I could not believe it with my own eyes when I see how sharp the display was and instantly fell in love with it. Out of the box, it runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow with MiUI on top of it. It comes in 3 colours - Gold, Grey and Black. 

Look at that gorgeous screen

That metal-clad back

After the admiration and a few swipes on the phone, I try to change the setting a bit myself. The Redmi Note 4 is the first in the Redmi series to feature a double tap to wake screen feature and so I test it. It was responsive. I even turn on the double press on volume down to launch camera. It was equally fast. Speaking of camera, the camera was decent at 13 megapixel at the rear and 5 megapixel front facing camera. The camera was decent for a phone at this price range. I would recommend to turn on HDR all the time for a better quality photos. I could not show you any sample photos here as the Redmi Note 4 I was given lacked Internet connectivity for me to transfer any media stored in the phone.

Look how fast it responds to my touch

The Redmi Note 4 also feature a speaker at the bottom of the phone (Mi fans rejoice!!!) which I know many fans has been asking for it and XiaoMi is probably one of the few tech companies that listen to its fans. As astounding as the sound coming out from the grill may be, sadly, it has only one speaker but hey, again we are talking about a phone that sells at RM799, to me it is good enough. The iPhone 6s cost double than this and it also has one speaker grill - so no complains here.

One side is the speaker, the other is not. (Duh!)

As for multitasking wise, I had no problem during the event as I try to open as many apps as possible and it survive without lagging. I am certainly impressed by the Snapdragon 625 ability to handle multitasking so well. Not only it handle multitasking well, the battery management was great as well. I started off at about 93%, I opened so many apps, videos and pass it around to other people, by the end of the event it is still at 81% battery left. I was shocked to see not only the chip (which have a 20% more power efficient than Redmi Note 3) but the 4100 mAh battery that is keeping the screen on is also impressive. For those that are afraid this big battery is gonna take a long time to charge, do not worry. I checked the charger output and it is 2A which should do just fine charging around 2-3 hours to full.

This is what you should be getting with the phone. Please check.

Before the event ends, we were given quizzes and this is where things get interesting, for those who answer the quiz correctly were given XiaoMi accessories. Those accessories range from leather notebook to Mi Mini Wifi Router. This was an interesting point in the event as I have never been to any event that gives away free accessories like this. At the end of the event, we were given a light meal before we were dismissed. Overall, the event was good and it is good to see Mi fans from all walks of life to gather around for this event sharing their knowledge and views on Mi products. If given another chance, I would love to attend events like this again. 

Hey that's me over way.... behind there.

PS: To those who wants more information click here.

PPS: To those who wants to purchase after seeing me in awe, you can head to Lazada for direct purchase here.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dear Public Uni Graduates,

Working for mulit-national corporation (MNC) has been an eye-opening experience for me so far. When I first started working here, I noticed the employees mostly graduated from private universities (from the likes of Monash University, University of Nottingham, UTAR etc.) rather than public universities like UM, UKM or UMP (my uni, God bless) and this makes me ponder on one question - What happened to the ones from public universities? Are graduates there really that incompetent comparatively? Or is it because of their exposure? OK so it is more than one question however, I would pretty much like to know the answers. 


To me, it was several factors, not only the private varsities has more exposure to better companies but better companies are more willing to hire them as well. Why? One, students at public universities has communication problems. Not only they are bad at speaking up, they are bad in English as well (when I say bad, I mean sucky). As much as I hate to admit it but in public universities, if you are a Malay speaking English, your Malay friends will tease you for being 'glamor' now and forgot about your roots. If you are a Chinese speaking English, first thing your Chinese friends will ask is "Are you a banana?" Banana indicates that you are a Chinese but do not know how to speak Chinese which is similar to banana the fruit - yellow on the outside, white on the inside. If you answer yes, then too bad for you, you have to join other groups of friends and too bad for them as they will not improve on their English. For Indians, everytime you try to speak English to them, somehow one way or another they will change back to Tamil, Hindi or whatever mother tongue they have. While in private universities, everyone is conversing in English - even the janitor talks to you in English!


In my 4 years of public uni, I have to say the exposure given by the board of university has been (I would not say 'generous') well. There are mulit-universities society like AIESEC or competitions like IEM Plant Design. If you feel you are not up to that level, there are intra-university level like CITREX where you got the chance to publish your Final Year Project for only university students to see or if you prefer something more artistic, the university was open enough to let students held Cultural events. So what is the problem? Two words - No Interest. Students know about these events. It was their interest that was not there. They rather hang out in the hostels and just does not even bother about it UNLESS merits points are involved.


I have compared the work of public universities and private universities for my course and both universities has similar projects, assignments and subjects. Grading was also similar (except for those that has silly bell shape curve diagram - those are insane!). In terms of educational knowledge I do not think it is much of a difference in it. Furthermore, there are various board of accreditation for various subjects and most courses fulfil their criteria. Malaysian parents who are reading this, may consider public universities if you guys is having financial problems and was worried if which one was better. I have to say a job well done to the education minister ensuring the standard of public universities (Although I unapprove of the switch from English to BM for science and maths).

So for students or graduates reading this, I urge you guys to go out and participate, enhance and sharpen your soft skills before you graduate or before getting a job. Trust me, these skills are more important than your subjects. While you are at it, enjoy it along the way and most importantly have fun. I know I had it.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Silliest Questions Asked

It’s been 3 years since I worked on selling Apple products and finally it comes to the end of a chapter. Today is my last day working at Switch – the widest Apple Authorised Reseller in Malaysia. For 2 years I have been working in that service line has not only improves my communication skills but also makes me hypothesised that humans are not as smart as you think they are. I think I can say that I have come across all kinds of customers in my years working part time there. Some of them just asked the silliest questions I have ever met in life and today I am here to reveal them.

Note before I start:
-As many of you already walked in to an Apple reseller/store before you already know that they only sells things that are only compatible with Apple products.
-Make sure you know what is an iPod, iPad and iPhone first.
-Last but not least, I want to say a simple thanks to all my colleagues that help me throughout all these years. Thank you.

1) “Where is the latest Samsung Galaxy phone?”

2) “If I put my SIM card on my iPad now, will I still have data after I walk out of the shop?”

3) “How come my iPod cannot make calls?”

4) “Why Apple products are so complicated to use?”

5) “If the body is aluminium, how long will it take before it rusts?”

6) “I have saw the next iPhone.” *show a concept phone design on the phone* “When is it coming to Malaysia? Don’t lie to me.”

7) “If I buy more than 3 iPads, will I get discount?”

8) “My iPad cannot be switch on. What is the problem? I just bought it a few days ago.” Me pressing on the power button, a display asking me to connect to charger is shown. “Ms., you have to charge your battery, the battery juice is out.” “Charge? How to charge?”

9) “What is the function of iPad?”

10) “How many games are there in the App Store?”

Monday, July 21, 2014


Staring at the dark ceiling as I force to shut my eyes - it would not.Turned over to the side of the bed trying to get some sleep - I could not. Staring at my phone, it's half past 3 in the morning what can I do at these times - nothing. These sleepless nights has been dragging on for a week now. It haunt me so bad until I finally decided to blog about it.

As I have just graduated, everyone is getting ready for the job world. The job world has a lot of advantage - you get more knowledge, you earn money to reduce your mom's expenditure and finally you can start saving and treat your girlfriend that fancy dinner you saw on TV that you always thought it gives the idea of romance. However, that was not the case for me. Although there's one side of me being happy and finally given that sigh of I-did-shitzzz-in-uni-and-yet-people-want-me. Yea I am happy with the fact that I secured a job, happier when there are job offers but somehow I feel afraid. The worst part - I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M AFRAID OF. 

That was the shit right there. Most fear comes from not knowing. Like why are you afraid of ghosts? Because you do not know whether the ghost can hurt you or not. Why are you afraid of height? Because you  are not sure what is at the bottom waiting for you. Why are you afraid of the dark? Because you do not know what is in the dark. Why am I afraid to start work? I do not know. I afraid that the more this prolongs, the more it leads to fear. Annnnnd also to quote Yoda from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace - "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to ...suffering."

Anyway, after blogging it out I feel much better. Thank you Blogger (and Ada - if you're reading this, give me a wink). What about you? Do you have any solutions to these problems? Please don't give me that don't-go-to-work bull. And to my avid readers, feel free to comment I can see you guys are always reading but leave nothing. Leave something for me. Don't be shy. I won't bite. If you are a pretty girl then leave your number so I can contact you and my problem will be instantly solved. =)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So I stumbled across a friend and he said to me "Wah Admund, I read your blog the other day, you mature a lot." My immediate answer was "My blog got porn?? Where? Where? I wanna see it too..." (Hint: It's right after a photo) Then came an awkward reply "No la, I mean in terms of writing compared to last time. Last time, after a while stop and came back you said you improve and better and new la. All sort of things but this time it's different you just go straight into writing the point and I enjoyed it." Okay so the first thing that came to my mind was "You read my blog since long ago? Wow! How long have I been writing?" Guess what? It's more than FOUR YEARS!!!! I never knew I have been blogging for 4 years already. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my avid loyal fans out there. I don't know how much you read but one thing for sure, I have blogged on almost all my feelings in here before. So thank you blogger for my much needed space. I started drifting from topic again, aren't I?

Coming back to maturity, I'm seeing kids (especially girls) in their early teens already try to act tough or try to dress like what they see in shows and probably too revealing. I'm not saying revealing is not good, as a guy point of view, reveal at such a young age probably I won't be able to see anything also. Sorry. Honest statement. If you wanna be an adult, I think you have to start mentally. Once you are mentally strong, the way you look at things will also change. One view on mental maturity is to stand strong no matter how people try to affect you... well, not too strong if not you will only become stubborn. I like girls who has a fine mind. They know what they want and don't beat around the bush much. I find that sexy~ I'm sure lots of guys find that sexy too.

I also realise that if you wanna be mature, you don't have to tell everyone that you are going to be different and its the new you kind of stuffs. Yea, I used to do that a lot because I always wanna keep changing and when I feel I didn't, I would tell myself that I already changed which is probably the STUPIDIEST thing to do. I'm not saying I'm mature now as I still have much to learn. Maturity don't occur overnight, it occur by experience. The people you going to meet, the people that save your ass and the people that bring you pain. These 3 people are the one that gonna affect how you respond to your growth. You are not going to meet all these 3 at the same time neither 3 people are going to change your mind. You need like 0.1% of the world population to do that. Remember baby steps last log?? Yes, exactly.

The people you going to meet are your first impressions. How you present yourself to them is important. If you fail in an interview, probably 60% is because of your first impressions. We always say don't judge a book by its cover, turns out THEY DO JUDGE. So if you fail, take it as a step towards maturity, there got to be something does not suit the eye the person you just met.

The people that save your ass are one of the rarest of the 3 groups you going to meet in your life. Its the people that you called friends. They know where is your limit and most probably bust you out for those hangover days. Although some will not turn out but its the not turning up that probably makes you a step closer to maturity.

The people that bring you pain are most probably everyone else. Most colleagues and exes belongs to this group. At the beginning, they will try to take your heart, once they have it, they will stab it or crush it away like a used paper. Thankfully, the heart can be patched and it becomes harder to be crushed after a few stabs/crush.

All in all, maturity is something you cannot learn. It's by experience. However, it does not mean you should be afraid of it and refuse to socialise. If you don't socialise, how you going to become someone mature? You wanna be stucked as a Pokemon master like me is it?? (Yes, I captured all 151 Pokemon in Google Maps in less than 24 hours, here's the proof below - it might be the only thing I'm good at) =3

PS: If you're looking for porn at the first paragraph, it's right here. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


"Three sentences for getting success: Know more than others. Work more than others. Expect less than others. "(William Shakespeare) 
In order to succeed in life, you should put lots of effort to reach that succeeding point. However, do not put an expectations in your effort too high. If you fail to achieve it, you will end up disappointed and demotivated. Now don't get me wrong, not putting your expectations too high does not mean you are not ambitious. You can still set yourself to high goals, just remember - baby steps. You know how baby walks? When they first started walking, they take a few steps then they fall to their crawling position, however they do not give up. Although they did not stand up again but their goal was to reach his/her mother's arms on the other side.

Having lower expectations increase ones life too. Humans are really weird being. We tend to think negatively whenever there's a chance. Yes, its true. If not why you think there's this word "Worst-case scenario"? However there's a way to get rid of this irritating feeling. Researchers have been developing this new high tech stuffs that when you put it in your brain, you will totally feel optimistic. Its called "LoweroExpectoTatio" device. Pretty neat huh? I just make that up. Having lower expectations not only get rid of that worst case scenario thing but it actually makes you happier as well. For example, I wrote 3 logs last year. This is my 4th write for this year. I BROKE A RECORD!!!

Yeah, that's how I feel when I was writing this. Plus happier minds leads to happier life. Research did show (This is real) happier life leads to longer age.

So go ahead, try having lower expectations in life. It may be hard to start off but whenever you come with dissapointment, tell yourself, my expectations is too high. I will try again if there's a chance. Achievement your goal will be faster if you are happier and motivated.

PS: Personally, as a gamer, I will print myself or stare at this logo for a few minutes when I achieved something. I always imagine my life as a game.

You can do it too right here. Hang in there, champ!